TYPE 4160

i-inch Laboratory Standard Microphone, Externally Polarized

Laboratory standard microphone designed for extreme stability, perfectly suited as laboratory reference microphone over a frequency range of 2 Hz To 8 kHz.


Types 4160 and 4180 are high quality condenser microphones intended for use as laboratory standard microphones and in laboratory coupler applications where high accuracy and long-term stability are essential. Type 4180 has been developed to meet the need for extended frequency calibrations. Both microphones are designed for coupler applications and can be used with couplers filled with gases other than air as they both feature very low gas leakage from the front cavity. Both microphones are of the external polarization type and operate on a polarization voltage of +200 Volts. The microphones are individually calibrated and pressure calibration data are provided with each microphone.


  • Laboratory standard microphones
  • Pressure and Free Field Reciprocity Calibrations
  • Coupler measurements


  • Well defined integral front cavities for coupler calibrations
  • Low hydrogen leakage from front cavity
  • Well-defined operating characteristics
  • Flat Frequency Pressure Responses up to: 4160: 8kHz 4180: 20 kHz
  • Artificially aged for long term stability
  • Low sensitivity to environmental changes
  • Standards: 4160: ANSI S1.12-1967, ANSI S1.l0-1966 (and revisions), IEC 327 and 402, JIS C 5515, and IEC draft standard for 1-inch laboratory standard microphones type LS1 P
  • 4180: IEC draft standard for ½-inch laboratory standard microphones type LS2aP

Types 4160 and 4180 are both high stability condenser microphones for laboratory standard applications and for coupler measurements.

Type 4160 has been used for some time in such applications and conforms to IEC 327 and 402, ANSI S1.12-1967 and ANSI Sl.lO-1966, JIS C 5515, and the current IEC draft standard for 1-inch laboratory standard microphones. It has become established as a high-precision reference standard and is used in the medium frequency ranges and for measurements at low sound pressure levels.

Type 4180 has been developed to meet a growing need for a laboratory standard ½-inch microphone which enables measurements at higher frequencies and at higher sound pressure levels.

Standard specifications for ½-inch laboratory standard microphones are under consideration and the 4180 has been designed to comply with the most recent drafts of these standards. Types 4160 and 4180 are delivered with individual calibration charts. 


55 pF
Dyn. range
10 – 146 dB
Freq. range
2 – 8000 Hz
Inherent noise
9.5 dB A
Lower limiting frequency -3dB
2 Hz
Ext polarized
Polarization voltages
200 V
Pressure coefficient
-0.016 dB/kPa
47 mV/Pa
IEC 61094-1 LS1P
Temperature coefficient
-0.003 db/ºC
Temperature range
-1 – 50 C
Sound field
Input type
Microphone type
Laboratory Standard