DZ-9773 and DZ-9774

Pinnae with tapered ear canal

Pinnae with tapered ear canal enable easy mounting of earbuds on our Head and Torso Simulator (HATS). With a slightly modified ear canal entrance, the shape of the pinnae is conically merged with a cylinder, making it easy to seal earbuds during tests.


The DZ-9773 and DZ-9774 pinnae with tapered ear canal for Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Types 4128-C and D are used to obtain an identical positioning of the right and left part of the headset due to the symmetrical design.

The tapered ear canal pinnae come in a soft (shore OO-35°) silicone material to mimic the human ear very closely in appearance and furthermore supports insertion and sealing of insert earphones as well as earphones placed hanging in the concha. The anatomical pinnae shape is the same as found in both the IEC and ITU-T recommendations.

To ensure high quality measurement results, the left pinna is a digital mirroring of the original right pinna, providing a set of symmetrical pinnae to be used with HATS.

  • DZ-9773 Right pinna with tapered canal shore OO-35° (soft)
  • DZ-9774 Left pinna with tapered canal shore OO-35° (soft)

These pinnae are also suitable for mounting of binaural microphones such as Type 4101-A.