Type 7907-NS1

PULSE Electroacoustics Type 7907-NS1

A versatile platform for electroacoustic transducer evaluation, PULSE Electroacoustics includes a wide range of advanced analysis capabilities required by audio engineers working in acoustical design research and development.

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PULSE Electroacoustics Type 7907-NS1 is the complete package of PULSE Electroacoustics, including PULSE Basic Electroacoustics Type 7797. It provides a versatile and comprehensive platform for advanced evaluation of electroacoustic transducers. This includes a wide range of advanced analysis capabilities (harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, difference frequency distortion and directivity) required by any audio engineer working in the field of research and development of acoustical designs.


  • Researching, measuring and documenting acoustical designs during development, pre-qualification and manufacturing
  • Benchmarking the acoustical performance of electroacoustic transducers such as speakers and headphones
  • Evaluating acoustical accuracy of hydrophones, hearing aids, headsets, telephones, microphones and loudspeakers
  • Quality assurance sample testing of electroacoustic transducers during production, such as tolerance checking of speaker drivers
  • Generating reports for any of the above in Microsoft® Word or Excel®


The following software modules are included in this package


  • Calibrate input and output signals
  • Intelligent transducer correction
  • Calculate Thiele/Small parameters
  • Store and retrieve measurement data in a database
  • Perform statistical calculations
  • Create contour displays, polar plots, etc.