Acoustic beamforming software

Fast, single-measurement noise source location and mapping of moving and stationary objects, using a microphone array at a distance from the test object.

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Acoustic beamforming maps noise sources by differentiating sound levels based on the directions they come from. An array of microphones measures the sound field from a position some distance from the test object. Noise maps display sound strength and directivity as colours emanating from the noise sources. Using the camera mounted on the array, the sound maps can be overlaid images and videos for easy relation to the test object.

Because a beamforming system uses a single‐shot measurement where all channels are measured simultaneously, it is a quick noise source location method that optimizes the use of expensive measuring facilities such as anechoic chambers and wind tunnels, and avoids the repetitiveness of traditional single-probe sound intensity methods.


  • Troubleshooting vehicle interior noise 
  • Aeroacoustic noise source location during wind tunnel tests
  • Location of noise hotspots on large outdoor machinery 
  • Acoustic leak detection on vehicle seals
  • Buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) detection in vehicle cabins
  • Noise source location on moving objects
  • Underwater noise source identification (NSI)

With PULSE beamforming software, even small arrays can map large objects. It is possible to map a full vehicle from just one measurement position. And because users can locate the microphone array some distance from the test object, it’s easy to avoid turbulent soundfields such as those found in wind tunnels.


  • Typical use for medium to high frequencies (500 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Measurements at a distance, out of turbulent airflow
  • Quick snapshot measurements
  • Capturing transient noise events


Where the test object is composed of non‐coherent sources, Brüel & Kjær’s refined beamforming algorithm can improve the spatial resolution of the noise maps by a factor of three or more. For noise source location on moving objects, we offer dedicated moving-source beamforming options for road and rail vehicles, aircraft and wind turbines.

For more information on all of the extra options available including transient measurements, sound quality metrics calculations, see Array acoustics options