TYPE 7794 + 3630-A

Calibrator Calibration System

An automated calibration system for calibration of vibration calibrators, providing an ideal system for periodic tests of calibrators in accordance with IEC 60942.

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Type 7794 software can perform calibration on any single tone, multilevel calibrators at 250 Hz and 1000 Hz in the level range 94 dB to 124 dB.

In combination with the calibration platform Type 3630-A, the system uses the comparison method with Pistonphone Type 4228 as sound level reference. In addition, you can compare the reference sound pressure level with the sound pressure level generated by the tested calibrator, and measure frequency and distortion using LAN-XI.

Calibration procedures for Brüel & Kjær Types 4228 and 4231 are included in the system software, and tools to add new types and procedures are included as well.

All procedures and calibration results are saved in the system.