Type 8441-C

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Type 2250-S는 컴팩트하고 견고한 클래스 1 소음 측정기입니다. 특수 어플리케이션을 추가하면 제품 소음 및 진동 평가를 포함한 모든 측정 작업에 맞게 기기의 기능을 확장할 수 있습니다.

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Type 2250-S is a class 1 sound level meter (SLM) that comes with the microphone, preamplifier and basic applications you need to get started with accurate environmental, occupational and industrial measurement tasks.

It is rugged enough for the field yet precise enough to go straight to the lab. Type 2250-S can be expanded with specialized applications such as building acoustics, FFT analysis, tone assessment and noise and vibration.


  • General-purpose class 1 sound measurements to the latest international standards
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) noise assessments
  • Environmental noise assessment and logging
  • Product development and quality control
  • Sound and vibration FFT analysis
  • Building acoustics, loudness and noise rating measurements
  • Tone assessment using 1/3-octave and FFT methods
  • Infrasound (G-weighting) measurements according to ISO 7196:1995 and ANSI S1.42–2001 (R2011)


The basic applications package includes:

The built-in flexibility of these instruments allows you to add applications and other hardware to expand their capabilities beyond the range of the standard SLM, from OHS to building acoustics and reverberation time to FFT analysis and vibration and low-frequency analysis, even to sound power and intensity and noise source identification applications.


Type 2250-S can also be used as a vibration meter by adding Enhanced Vibration and Low Frequency Option BZ-7234 and an appropriate accelerometer.

This allows you to do quality testing and inspection, machinery analysis and troubleshooting, building vibration measurements, low-frequency building vibration measurements according to ISO 8041:2005 and DIN standards, and machine health analysis after maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).