B&K Type 2270 Sound Level Meter / ANalyzer

B&K Type 2270 Sound Level Meter is our flagship measuring instrument and analyzer. Equipped with two microphones, or two accelerometers, or one of each, B&K Type 2270 offers all the functionality as Type 2250 - with the addition of being capable of simultaneous measurements. In addition, tight phase matching between the two channels, allow Type 2270 to be used as a sound intensity analyzer.

  • Type 8441-C

    2채널 소음 측정기/분석기

    B&K Type 2270-S는 2채널 소음 측정기 및 분석기로, 두 채널을 사용하여 측정을 수행할 때 엄격한 위상 매칭과 함께 클래스 1 측정 정확도를 위해 설계되었습니다.