DISCOM Mobile is an in-cabin acoustic quality system for the correlation of completed vehicle and test-stand data. The system includes all the hardware and software needed for measurement.

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DISCOM Mobile is a universal portable acoustic measurement system that has been specifically designed to correlate test-stand data with a completed, fully assembled vehicle. This correlation is important so that the test-stand parameters can be adjusted to compensate for transfer paths and masking that result in unpredicted cabin noise. 

The system comprises four microphones, one accelerometer, a front end and a laptop PC with DISCOM Mobile software installed. Once the data has been acquired, it is processed and ready for comparison with test-stand data, enabling test-stand tolerance parameters to be refined, improving the end-of-line test results.


  • In-vehicle acoustic quality data acquisition
  • Correlation of full vehicle measurement data with component test-stand data
  • Outgoing quality control


  • Rotationally synchronous analysis
  • Order analysis with four microphones: The order spectra are averaged to compensate for cabin resonance due to standing waves
  • Order analysis of the vibration signal
  • Spectrograms of both sound and vibration orders recorded over speed
  • Order tracks and online order spectra

As part of DISCOM NVH Analysis, all of the data stored forms a complete and traceable data chain, enabling continuous test parameter refinement.