LDS V555

Low-force shaker

An air-cooled electrodynamic shaker for vibration testing of payloads up to 25 kg (55 lb), such as small automobile and aircraft components, electronic subassemblies and computer equipment. It has a maximum force rating of 940 N (211 lbf).

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Designed to reproduce field vibration environments in controlled settings, LDS® V555 is used in R&D in the automotive, aerospace & defence, and consumer electronics industries – where strict standards demand that products be subjected to real-world conditions while ensuring safety during the testing process and confidence in the results.


  • Testing of automotive components, such as motorcycle brake lines and seat belt mechanisms
  • Aerospace component testing, including tests of aircraft instrumentation systems
  • Testing of electronic assemblies
  • Structural dynamics testing and modal analysis
  • Vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions
  • In-house testing and calibration facilities


The smallest of our low-force shakers, V555 is a dependable, versatile and cost-effective alternative for a variety of testing needs, including product qualification, quality assurance, machinery diagnostics and instrument calibration. Capable of delivering peak sine forces of 940 N (211 lbf) and operating in frequencies from 5 to 6300 Hz, this shaker is suitable for shock and vibration tests using sinusoidal and random excitations.

For enhanced acceleration and velocity performances, the armature assembly incorporates a unique suspension system specifically developed to offer better lateral and rotational restraints and axial stiffness. Additionally, a built-in pneumatic mechanism provides support for both the armature and the payload and allows the shaker to accommodate devices up to 25 kg (55 lb) for testing.

As standard, V555 comes mounted on a solid cast-iron trunnion and can be locked in the vertical or horizontal position for operation on either axis. The trunnion itself is supported by four air-isolation mounts to prevent shaker-generated vibrations from travelling through the floor; this is particularly useful for sine testing at very low frequencies.

Sine force peak
940 N
Max. random force RMS
636 N
Max acceleration sine peak
100 g
Velocity sine peak
1.5 m/s
Displacement continuous pk-pk
25.4 mm
Moving element mass
0.94 kg
Usable frequency range
5 – 6300 Hz