Type 2718

75 VA Power Amplifier

With a power output capability of 75 VA, Type 2718 Power Amplifier is used to drive measurement exciters and small-sized shakers for general vibration testing.

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While Power Amplifier Type 2718 is specifically designed to drive our Type 4809 exciter, it is also suitable for use with other small shakers for reverberation measurements and other applications.


  • Driving Measurement Exciter Type 4809
  • Safely driving Measurement Exciter Type 4810 to its full rating (by limiting current output)
  • Supplying power to small exciters for general testing, including reverberation measurements


Power Amplifier Type 2718 has a maximum voltage gain of 40 dB and flat frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB), which combined with its power rating, provides low distortion and enables operation in acoustical measurement setups.

For precise regulation of the input signal, continuously variable attenuation and gain controls are built into the Type 2718 amplifier. An LCD front-panel display shows output current and voltage. 

To prevent damage to both the test article and the system, Type 2718 incorporates a number of safety features, including sensors to protect against short-circuits and excessive heat sink temperatures. LED signals indicate the amplifier’s status and alert you in case of distortion, and temperature and current overloads.