Five Questions For Yumiko Sakamoto

35-year-old Yumiko Sakamoto from Tokyo, Japan, who once studied pipe organs, juggles two roles for Brüel & Kjær. She is both an Automotive Application Engineer and a Marketing Manager. Knitting is a great passion that sometimes continues well into the night. Her favourite book is the all-time Canadian classic, Anne of Green Gables.

Motto: “Let bygones be bygones”

Name one challenges in your line of work?

How to maximize the outcome by working as a team and not as individuals. 

Who or what inspires you and why?

Customers! I love working with them especially when they give me new ideas and inspiration. 

Name one barrier for females in a male-dominant workplace?

I’ve not experienced any significant barrier yet – I’m probably a bit insensitive. On the more practical front though, there is often no ladies’ bathroom close to the test bench.

What irritates you most about your own personality?


If you could have two superpowers, what would they be and why?

Being able to speak fluently to anyone in the world in their own language, because gaining knowledge about things out-side Japan is exciting. The other would be finishing all my housework in a split second!