BK Connect Sound and vibration SW platform


Based on your feedback, our sound and vibration platforms have been enhanced to strengthen your measurement processes and to support your preferred way of working.

Analysis Software

We are happy to announce the 2021.1 release of the BK Connect® and PULSE™ software platforms. The new release strengthens your measurement process and user-experience with highlights including: 

BK Connect:

  • Updated workflow for recording and processing, including automated run averaging to save time and reduce errors when documenting updated results.
  • Reduced memory usage from the monitors, as well as the ability to define amplitude scales, improves the overall stability when making recordings or real time measurements.  
  • Import of HBM catman .bin time files. 
  • Implemented intelligent legends that automatically select unique information to populate the legends rather than manually selecting them for each data set.
  • Support Response equalization (REq-X) for HBK and Brüel & Kjær accelerometers.
  • New self-contained BKC file when recordings and results are exported, contain information such as test, setup, test conditions and process chains. This allows the entire project browser to be recreated when importing into a new project, allowing for proper traceability. 
  • Team Server allows for multiple selection to facilitate data comparison before being imported.  
  • Updated the fast displays rules to support x-axis definitions.
  • More panels (windows) including geometries and mode tables can now be undocked to additional monitors for enhanced information overview.
  • New easy-to-use application for source contribution analysis of vehicle pass-by noise introduced in this release to complement Indoor Pass-by Measurement software:
    • Pass-by SPC model shared with indoor pass-by measurements to ensure compatibility of operational data.
    • FRF validation for easy troubleshooting of FRF matrix before using in SPC analysis.
    • Component sequencing of sources to maximize precision of analysis.
    • Ability to work with a complete test plan rather allowing SPC results to be compatible with and equivalent to standard pass-by measurements.
    • Import model data and share results using Team Server. 
  • Indoor Pass-by Measurements, Type 8441-C: Improvements and additions:
    • Tyre noise correction (TNC) is now supported with three methods:
      • According to ISO 362-3 (also UN ECE R51) using TNC parameters from Field Pass-by (Type 7788) or other systems using the correct layout and format as defined in the standard.
      • Overall noise method – combining indoor pass-by results with outside results using the desired tyre.
      • SPC component-based method – enabling elimination of crosstalk from other major sources, for example, engine/motor, powertrain, intake, or exhaust.
    • Ability to build library of TNC data searchable on Team Server.
    • Ability to apply TNC, on the fly, to indoor pass-by measurement runs.
    • Easy switching between corrected and uncorrected results, including the ability to compare the two.
    • Specialized TNC task for detailed inspection of data from indoor pass-by, outdoor pass-by and the tyre noise correction.
    • New ability to use a speed profile for indoor pass-by noise processing instead of a tachometer pulse train.
  • Array Analysis Type 8430: Newer PCs only support USB 3.0 interface, which can result in data transfer issues when using a USB 2.0 camera. An API setting has been added to the image setup dialogue box to allow the user to enter the optimal frame rate should he experience issues.


  • PULSE Operational Modal Analysis and Structural Health Monitoring:
    • Quick Access menu for fast creation of new projects or import of the built-in example files.
    • Import of BRI Strong Motion Network files from Japan Building Research Institute for seismic analysis.
  • PULSE Structural Health Monitoring: New damage indicator ‘Damage Indicator – Modal' based on the calculated mean and covariance estimates of the natural frequencies from the SSI-UPCX method. Available with the BZ-8552 Modal Parameter History Module.
  • Earth Moving Machinery Directive now has support for B&K2245 sound level meter and many other small updates.
  • PULSE Vehicle Pass-by:
    • New Ping indicator added for managing connected devices and giving feedback on connect status. Updated once per second.
    • Tyre Noise Correction (TNC) creation tool has been improved and optimized to account for both free rolling noise (constant speed/coast-down) and torque induced noise (acceleration). Various improvements to displays, for example, scaling and presentation of results.
    • TNC parameter transport file implemented as XML for internal communication to Indoor Pass-by, and Excel® for standardized communication between systems (anticipating prescribed format under ISO 362-3).
    • Order of magnitude speed improvement in TNC measurements when dealing with large number of runs.

You will experience general enhancements throughout the PULSE and BK Connect platform as well as several critical bug fixes.


Download the BK Connect brochure and find out more about the modular analysis software!

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