LDS V9940 vibration shaker

Fully charged vehicle battery tests

Test and measurement expert, Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) launches new high force water cooled shaker platform for EV battery vibration and shock testing

To help industries involved in vehicle and battery manufacturing optimise their designs - and speed up time-to-market - HBK has created the V9940 shaker platform, specifically for vibration and shock testing extra large payloads on Electric Vehicle (EV) battery modules and packs, e-axles and e-drivetrains.

Designed primarily for testing EV battery systems during prototype development to validate product release to series production, the V9940 shaker system can also be used for end-of-line sample testing to validate manufacturing process parameters and ensure consistency of quality, making it ideal for vehicle and battery manufacturers, independent Test Houses and Systems Integrators.

The HBK Project Sales Office manages integration of the V9940 Shaker platform with Climatic Chambers from leading manufacturers, so that reliable and meaningful data about the Device Under Test (DUT) can be collected and analysed. Effective interfaces between the Shaker and Climatic Chamber ensure that the test environment accurately simulates real-world environmental conditions during battery tests, while providing important safety functions such as isolation and containment in case of thermal runaway.

The V9940 Shaker Platform is an end-to-end solution, with HBK project managers taking responsibility for the full project, from initial enquiry to go-live and throughout the working life of the system.  A professional service team will provide global support and preventive maintenance to maximise the availability of the shaker system and ensure a long-term return on investment.