Binaural Test Headset and Microphone

The strength of binaural recording lies in capturing sound exactly as it is heard by the human test subject in order to recreate a 3D stereo sensation – thus allowing every listener the chance to play back the recording and experience sound, again and again, as if from the best seat in the house. Binaural Microphone Types 4101-B and 4965-B are designed to be worn comfortably by a test subject for the purpose of making binaural recordings. Together, they provide a complete listening and playback solution for use with Brüel & Kjær’s Sonoscout™ NVH Recorde - and with CCLD conditioning, they can also be used in other sound recording scenarios.

  • Type 4965-B Binaural microphone with bone-conducting headphones

    TYPE 4965-B

    Binaural Recording Headphones

    Binaural Headphones designed for automotive and ground vehicle applications. These in-ear headphones are bone conducting and enabled for bluetooth.

  • Type 4101-B in-ear microphone set

    TYPE 4101-B

    Binaural Microphone

    Binaural Microphone Type 4101-B is designed for binaural in-ear sound recording, when testing on a human subject is preferred. The binaural microphones are lightweight and do not affect normal hearing capabilities or influence test results.