TYPE 8106

Low-Noise Hydrophone with Preamplifier

Hydrophone Type 8106 features a built-in, thick-film, and low noise, 10 dB preamplifier, delivering signal conditioning for transmission over very long distances. This makes Hydrophone Type 8106 suitable for underwater sound measurements down to 1000 meters depth. 

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Type 8106 is a wide-range, piezoelectric hydrophone with preamplifier for making absolute sound measurements over the frequency range 7Hz to 80 kHz, featuring an impressive receiving sensitivity of −173dB re 1V/μPa.


  • Calibration reference standards 
  • Ultrasonic measurements in liquids 
  • Cavitation measurements 
  • Laboratory and industrial measurements in liquids and gases 
  • As underwater projectors (8103, 8104 and 8105)
  • Noise measurements in humid and polluted atmospheres
The preamplifier provides a 7Hz high-pass filter and an insert-voltage calibration facility, but does not allow the hydrophone to be used as a projector. 

The hydrophone is built to withstanding high static pressure, the operational upper limit being 107 Pa (100 atm / 1000 m (3250 ft.) ocean depth. 

An integrated watertight connector allows quick disconnection of the cable and makes replacement and storage very easy.
Voltage sensitivity with cable at 20°
2000 uV/Pa ± 500 uV
Charge sensitivity
Capacitance with integral cable
Frequency range re. 250 Hz
10 Hz to 10 kHz (+0.5/−3.0 dB) / 3Hz to 80 kHz (+6/−10.0 dB)
Operating temperature range short-tem continuous
-30 to +60 C
Max operating static pressure
260 dB = 9.8 × 10^6 Pa
182 mm (7.17 inch)
Weight including integral cable
382 g (0.84 lb)