Generator Front Panel For 200 Khz LAN-XI Module

Default front panel for LAN-XI module Type 3161-A-011.

Demande de devis

The UA-2117-011 is the default front panel for the 200 kHZ LAN-XI module Type 3161-A-011.


  • High-frequency sound and vibration measurements
  • Underwater acoustics applications
  • High-energy impact measurements
  • High-frequency system excitation and transducer calibration

The front panel has three different input connectors, BNC/ LEMO/ TNC, that allow connectivity for a range of different transducers such as direct/ CCLD/ 200V/ charge.

Two output BNC connectors give access to a generator signal as well as an input monitor output.

Built in LEDs shows input status such as overload, cable break, etc.

Front panel    Compatible LAN-XI module
UA-2117-011 Type 3161-A-011