MM-0316-A + MM-0256-A

Weather Station Kits

Weather Station Kits MM-0316-A and MM-0256-A are intended for use in attended or short-term unattended, environmental noise measurement applications with a sound level meter.

Demande de devis

Weather conditions affect the propagation of sound, so wind speed and direction must be taken into account when measuring noise outdoors. Consequently, most standards for the measurement of environmental noise define limits for wind speed and direction.

Connect your MM-0316-A or MM-0256-A weather station kit to your Type 2250, 2270 or 2250-Light sound level meter and turn it on. , There’s no need for separate batteries to power the weather station. Select the necessary weather parameters in the setup menu and you’re ready to start measuring.


  • Log wind speed and calculate ave., max. and min. values
  • Log wind direction and calculate ave., max. and min. values
  • Measurement of precipitation (rainfall), atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity*

Since the wind sensors are based on ultrasound technology, they have no moving parts and operate well above the upper frequency limit of the microphone, allowing placement close to the measurement position.

The ultrasonic wind sensor starts measuring at 0 m/s – in contrast to traditional “cup type” wind meters that struggle at low wind speeds. With no moving parts, its performance doesn't degrade over time.

The kits are lightweight, and the durable carrying case keeps your weather station safe during transport and while in storage.
The free version of Measurement Partner Suite allows you to view your results. To gain the full benefit from this integrated solution, identify the portions of your logging profile where wind speed and direction are within the allowed limits using the report and marker wizard (BZ-5503-A-012).


  • Integrated solution in version 4 and later of instrument software for sound level meters
  • Post-processing functionality with Measurement Partner Suite logging module BZ-5503-A-012


  • Works with versions of Type 2250, 2270 and 2250-Light
  • Ultrasound sensor measures at low wind speeds
  • Arrow indication of north on sensor for correct compass positioning
  • Light weight
  • Powered from instrument via USB (no need for separate batteries)
  • Weather station carrying case included for safe transport and storage
  • Adaptors included for mounting on a tripod or pole

* 6 parameter weather station only MM-0256-A