Vibration controller

LDS LASER USB Vibration Controller provides 4 channels, which can be expanded to 16 channels for simultaneous input. The controller combines convenience, performance, flexibility, and safety, making it suitable for any lab.

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The LDS® LASERUSB vibration controller is designed to generate a shaker drive signal and perform data measurements. Typically used in R&D and production test applications, such as simulation of fatigue and vibration tests for automobiles, military vehicles, and ground transportation, it combines 24-bit precision with a wide dynamic control range and fast loop times, securing accurate control suited for the most challenging vibration tests.

The controller is capable of working with a wide variety of vibration test systems and software-based vibration test profiles, as listed below.



Consisting of a controller module and Windows®-based application software, LASERUSB is flexible, reliable, and easy to install and operate. It can be configured with a comprehensive suite of vibration control and analysis applications, from random and sine excitations to SRS synthesis and time waveform replication.

The controller module handles real-time control-loop operations independently of the host PC, thus allowing users to concurrently analyze data and prepare test reports. It features 24-bit resolution with programmable voltage ranges on all inputs and outputs, providing a dynamic range of up to 120 dBFS for precise control of complex structures and difficult fixtures.

Fast loop times, as low as 10 ms for sine and 100 ms for random excitation, allow quick test-load equalization and increase dependability during testing. Additionally, LASERUSB incorporates over 20 automatic safety checks and interlocks, as well as a special fatigue monitor, to protect both the test article and the shaker.

Although the standard controller comes with four input channels, it can be expanded to include up to 16 channels for multi-point control or analysis scenarios. An optional thermal chamber interface can be added to integrate the LASERUSB control system with environmental testing equipment.