Waves 12

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> Waves 2019 issue 12: Something quiet this way comes, Fidelity fights back, Designing a sound source.

> Waves 2019 issue 11: Within these walls, The great aircraft certification challenge, My car. My engine. My sound.

> Waves 2018 issue 10: How to make Star Wars sounds, Japan's first regional passenger jet, Join Monica at the techno party

> Waves 2018 issue 9: Music is in the hands of the beholder, IoT technology makes cities smarter, EV - The next generation of sound

> Waves 2017 issue 8: Great minds think alike, Fusing form and function, 75 years of progress

> Waves 2017 issue 7: Vibrations in ice, End-of-line testing at Volkswagen, Kriso's hunt for propeller noise

> Waves 2016 issue 6: Tunnel vision, top quality calls for Huawei, driving simulation in top gear

> Waves 2016 issue 5: Universal man, nothing runs like a Deere, Microsoft has the quietest place on Earth

> Waves 2015 issue 4: Manchester Airports Group brings communities on board, uplifting sound quality at Crown, diving deeper into the sound of blue whales

> Waves 2015 issue 3: Testing futuristic fighter jets, sorting out the sources of sound, remembering Per V. Brüel 

> Waves 2014 issue 2: Sounds like a Ferrari, cutting-edge blade maintenance, trial by combat

> Waves 2014 issue 1: Boxing crowd breaks noise record, reigniting guitar evolution, in search of the world's quietest car.

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