Open API protocol enabling you to use LAN-XI hardware in conjunction with third-party programs and applications. This enables you to customize control, and access real time data on your LAN-XI modules. The Open API license is free and is included from LAN-XI firmware version


LAN-XI Open API interface is a wire protocol based on REST and JSON that allows HTTP commands such as GET, PUT and POST to control settings in the module and stream data between LAN-XI hardware and your applications.


  • Control the measurement process with your own code

  • Live-stream data from LAN-XI into your application

  • Retrieve files stored on the SD card

  • Live-stream data to LAN-XI generator outputs or use waveform generators in the module

  • Use a single LAN-XI module or multiple PTP-synchronized modules together


The LAN-XI Open API is enabled by a BZ-5959-L-N01 license, one per LAN-XI module. It is not LAN-XI firmware-version dependent.


  • LAN-XI DAQ modules can be set up as a single data acquisition front end, using a variety of synchronization methods, including PTP

  • Configure the module(s), including the number of channels to use, bandwidth, filter settings, CCLD, and polarization voltage

  • Stream 24-bit samples in real-time, or record to SD card in BKC or WAV format

  • Manage generator outputs and CAN functionality in modules that support this

  • Perform TEDS detection and read back the results


Open API for LAN-XI is supplied with a user guide containing a description of all commands, get it from 'Links and download'.

Code samples available at GitHub®