TYPE 3668

MATRON 4 - Noise Logging Kit

Log indoor noise with MATRON 4 kit providing continuous noise recording and noise monitoring for up to 14 days. MATRON. This kit is ideal for measuring occupational noise, conducting noise surveys, and ensuring noise regulation compliance. 


MATRON 4 is an indoor noise logging kit based on a
Type 2250 Light Sound Level Meter
, which features class 1 noise measurement accuracy and noise analysis features.

Typically used for noise assessments, MATRON is ideal for medium-term logging in-home or office environments. Once the kit is set up, the sound level meter, protected by the locked case, can log noise continuously for up to 14 days. To document specific noise events, a sound recording can be manually activated by pressing a button on the MATRON case. 


  • General indoor noise logging/noise recording for office or home environments
  • Domestic noise assessments based on the UK Environmental Protection Act of 1990, or similar legislation


  • Simple measurement functionality with the preconfigured, ready-to-use MATRON 4 measurement template
  • Up to 14 days of noise logging using a 2 GB industrial quality SD card 
  • Full analysis capabilities in Measurement Partner Suite – 1-year license included 
  • Lockable case to prevent interference
  • Power supply via mains (battery optional) 
  • Discreet transportation bag


  • The complete kit: everything you need for indoor noise logging tasks 
  • The complete kit minus the sound calibrator 
  • The upgrade kit: for users who wish to use a Type 2250 or 2270 instead of a Type 2250-L and for use with your existing Type 2250, 2270 or 2250-L 


Measurement Partner Suite is the post-processing software for Hand-held Analyzer Types 2250, 2270, and 2250-L and their systems, such as MATRON 4.  

Measurement Partner Suite enables an effective analysis of the important parts of a logging profile, eliminating the need to search through large amounts of data in Microsoft® Excel®. You can export sound recordings (.WAV format) to create digital media that can be used as documentation.