Linear power amplifiers

A range of economical amplifiers with outputs from 50 – 1000 W used to drive permanent-magnet and small electrodynamic shakers with force ratings from 8.9 N (2 lbf) to 489 N (110 lbf) for vibration testing and other applications.


Compact and efficient, these stand-alone units are designed for driving our permanent magnet shakers, as well as our low-force shakers, when operated with a separate LDS® FPS Field Power Supply. LDS linear power amplifiers offer low-noise, low-distortion performance and are available in three models, LPA100, LPA600 and LPA1000.


  • Driving LDS permanent magnet shakers V101, V201, V406, V450 and V455
  • Driving LDS low-force shakers V555, V650 and V721
  • Driving third-party shakers with force ratings of at least 8.9 N (2 lbf)


  • Power range from 154 VA – 1296 VA
  • Frequency ranges from DC – 15 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion of less than 0.1%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio greater than 95 dB
  • Class B classification for amplifier efficiency