Outdoor pass-by car testing

Outdoor Pass-by Testing

Outdoor pass-by is the definite method for certifying a vehicle type approval.

Certifying that vehicles comply with noise emission specifications requires measuring according to procedures defined by international standards. These specify a test of powertrain and tyre/road noise under typical urban traffic conditions, putting stringent demands on pass-by and coast-by noise testing. Test equipment must support the specialized measurement methods and validate the defined values dictated by the test standard. 

Our solutions cover the full spectrum of pass-by testing – from simple conformance testing to multi-channel diagnostics. All of our pass-by solutions (outdoor or indoor) support the most common international standards, including ISO 362, SAE J1470, ISO 13325 and ISO 5130.

In addition, our beamforming array selection provides outdoor sound mapping, helping to accurately locate the sound sources that contribute to the vehicle’s sound.

System suggestion

Vehicle outdoor pass-by system overview

The PULSE vehicle pass-by solutions are complete PULSE data acquisition and analysis platforms. They include LAN-XI data acquisition hardware, pass-by related accessories (such as photocells) for giving absolute position reference, a speed sensor (radar, GPS or other device) for providing continuous speed and position information, and a weather station for providing environmental parameters.

The system is scalable, ranging from conformance test configurations to multi-vehicle configurations with on-board vehicle measurement channels. Single-person operation is also supported.