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Selecting The Right Shaker System

The recorded webinar 'How to Select the Right Shaker System for Your Application' will guide you through the planning process of choosing the right Shaker System.

Choosing the right shaker system isn’t as easy as it seems. During the planning process you need to consider different things:

Selecting a Shaker Type 
- How do I configure the correct size of the shaker and which parameters do I need to look at?

Chosing a Head expander 
- Do I need a head expander and what are the variants available?

Configuring a Slip Table 
- Do I need a slip table system, and which slip tables are suitable?

Environmental Testing 
- How do I connect a temperature chamber or climate chamber?

Installing a Shaker 
- How do I install a shaker system? Do I need seismic isolation or are the foundations in my laboratory sufficient?

Producing a Shaker System 
- How are shakers produced? Which customer references does HBK have? 


Watch our recorded webinar and learn how to configure the right shaker system for your application.

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Has an Bachelor of Science with Honours in Engineering Design. He joined Brüel & Kjær in 2016 (based in Royston, UK) and is our Product Manager for Shakers & Amplifiers and Shaker Systems.

E-mail: [email protected]

Download presentation: Selecting the right shaker system