Type 4987

Wideband Ear Simulator family

A range of ear simulators designed for realistic and comparable quality control testing of earphones, ear buds, smartphones and headsets on high-volume production lines.


The Type 4987 family has been developed for production line quality control of insert, intra-concha (earbuds), supra-aural (on-ear), supra-concha (in-ear), circum-aural (over-ear) earphone devices, and smartphones.


  • Compliance testing on production lines

  • Testing during R&D

  • Quality assurance testing

Type 4987 can be fitted with different types of simplified pinna simulators, supporting high-leak or low-leak performance, as well as with standard or customized adapters to make a perfect fit for the device under test (DUT). This allows full measurement compatibility between the production line and the laboratory or verification department.


The design of the ear simulator in Type 4987 is based on ITU-T Rec. P.57 Type 2 ear simulator (711 coupler) and consists of a main housing with built-in annular air volumes connected to the main volume by air passages.