LDS V650

Low-force shaker

An air-cooled electrodynamic shaker for vibration testing of payloads up to 50 kg (110 lb), such as aircraft instrumentation and other electronic and mechanical subassemblies. It has a peak sine force rating of 2.2 kN (495 lbf).

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LDS® V650 is used within the automotive, aerospace, commercial and defence aviation, and consumer electronics sectors, to reproduce field vibration environments in a controlled manner. It is ideal for R&D and quality assurance tests, where products need to be exposed to real-world conditions while maintaining the rigour and reliability that a laboratory setting affords.


  • Testing of automotive components, such as motorcycle brake lines and seat belt mechanisms
  • Aerospace component testing, including tests of aircraft instrumentation systems
  • Testing of electronic assemblies
  • Structural dynamics testing and modal analysis
  • Vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions
  • In-house testing and calibration facilities


Through a combination of generous force ratings, high accelerations and a wide frequency band, this shaker provides a versatile and cost-effective alternative for a variety of testing scenarios, including product qualification, machinery diagnostics and instrument calibration.

V650 is suitable for shock and vibration tests using sinusoidal and random excitations. It is capable of applying up to 2.2 kN (495 lbf) of sine force and operating at frequencies ranging from 5 to 4000 Hz. The shaker is equipped with a built-in pneumatic support system that can accommodate payloads of up to 50 kg (110 lb) with full relative displacement.

Velocity and acceleration performances are enhanced by the shaker’s armature fabrication, which incorporates a unique suspension mechanism to improve axial stiffness and lateral and rotational restraints.

As standard, V650 comes mounted on a solid cast-iron trunnion that can be locked in the vertical or horizontal position for operation in either axis. To prevent shaker-generated vibrations from travelling through the floor, the trunnion itself is supported by four air-isolation mounts; this feature is particularly useful for testing at low frequencies, as it reduces seismic interferences on test results.

Additionally, a number of optional and customizable features are available to tailor the shakers to your specific needs.

Sine force peak
2.2 kN
Max. random force RMS
1.54 kN
Max acceleration sine peak
100 g
Velocity sine peak
1.5 m/s
Displacement continuous pk-pk
25.4 mm
Moving element mass
2.24 kg
Usable frequency range
5 Hz – 4 kHz