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Analysis of vehicle voice recognition performance

Analysis of vehicle voice recognition performance in response to background noise and gender-based frequency.


Anatomy of the Human Ear

The anatomy of the human ear is a complex system consisting of three distinct parts, each with a specific role in the process of picking up and analysing sound. 


Confident data acquisition with the Accelerometer Mounting Check

The physical mounting of accelerometers on a test structure is the first, and often most problematic link in the measurement chain. Problems here will corrupt the measurement and cannot be corrected later.


Finding passion in the perception of acoustics

Growing up in Pune on the west coast of India, the young Sunil Bharitkar watched Indiana Jones movies and aspired to be an archaeologist. But a natural gravitation towards science and math combined with good grades, saw him follow in his father and older brother’s footsteps into the world of engineering.


Five questions for Jason

BK Connect® Platform Product Manager Jason Kunio was born 15 miles west of downtown Chicago. Spare time is spent with his wife, three children and two rescue dogs, cycling with friends or watching his children compete in running races. A favourite indulgence is Lou Malnati’s sausage and garlic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.


Five questions for Richard Johnson

71-year-old Business Development Manager Richard Johnson was born in Southend-on-Sea, England (home to the longest pleasure pier in the world). When not working, he enjoys sailing, gliding or spending time with his family, including four grandchildren, at his hideaway in Devon.


Hooked on the science of sound

Audio guru Sean Olive grew up in Ontario, Canada, in a small city called Brockville, the gateway to the Thousand Islands.


Hydrophones In Gaseous Environment

The ‘hydro’ in hydrophone is easy to spot. They have been designed for use in water, but those features that make them particularly useful in aquatic environments also translate to gaseous environments.


Managing stealth with a self-noise monitoring system

As a world-class naval engineering business, BAE Systems has been working with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to design a new class of frigate: the Type 26 Frigate. To ensure the acoustic stealth of this new class of combat ship, BAE Systems needed a world-class self-noise monitoring system.


Measurement Microphones Explained

Microphones are present in almost all our electronic devices - from mobile phones, PCs, and portable speakers, to TV, tablets and smartwatches. In this article, we walk you through the physics of microphones that are specifically designed to be used in systems that quantify sound measurement microphones.


MONICA takes on techno

The April issue of WAVES 2018 introduced the MONICA project, and its ambitious plan to help cities use the Internet of Things (IoT) to manage sound and security at large, open-air events. In July 2018, MONICA made its real-world debut: at the Kappa FuturFestival in Torino, Italy.


Music is in the hands of the beholder

Something to resonate, some string, an assortment of wood and you have an instrument.


Noise monitoring for optimal mill operation

Mining companies around the world continue to face the challenge of increasing productivity and reducing downtime. As part of its SAG mill control system, Manta Controls developed the Manta Mic: a robust and reliable acoustic analyser that prevents mill damage.


Not just a wind tunnel

Named after a Danish scientist and passionate inventor recognized for his early work on wind power, the Poul La Cour wind tunnel at DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde Denmark, is among the biggest university-owned wind tunnels in the world.


Not so long ago in a movie right by you....

The sound of explosions, vehicles, weapons, rustling trees and even breathing – in one famous case – are carefully orchestrated elements that can make or break the audience’s immersion. But particular real-life noises might be kind of underwhelming, so where does that perfect sound come from?


Nowhere to hide

In 1984, we breathed a sigh of relief when we realized that we had not become the totalitarian state described in George Orwell’s novel. There were no thought police, Big Brother wasn’t watching us from giant screens and computing and surveillance technologies were still rudimentary.


Painting the sky green

A world on the move – the growing number of people with the means and desire to fly has created an estimated need for more than 40,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years.


Preparing for take-off: Japan's first regional passenger jet

Scheduled for first delivery in 2020, Japan’s first commercial jet aircraft, Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), is in certification phase. The aircraft is highly anticipated and is a huge source of pride for the country.


Stop the noise

Located in Canton, Michigan, Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) is a materials supplier and engineering services provider, primarily working on innovative solutions for lightweighting, acoustics and coated-metals solutions. They offer products and services for a wide range of industries and markets – from automotive to appliances.


Technical review

The paper below deals with a method to minimize the effects of flow noise in microphones, primarily for array measurements in wind tunnels. Similarities between flow noise and the target wind noise produced in a vehicle make it difficult to use other existing methods.


The next generation of sound

Future challenges of electric vehicle noise control.


The sound of a smart city

Every big city knows the challenge: pleasing concert organizers and attendees, while appeasing the neighbours of the concert venues.


To safeguard the payload: Redesign the launchpad

The 2018 launch of Epsilon-3 was more than the successful delivery of the payload to sun-synchronous orbit (SSO). This launch was a culmination of the efforts made to redesign the launchpad and thereby reduce the stress placed on the payload.