Ear and Mouth Simulators

Ear and mouth simulators are vital for product development, quality assurance and production line quality control for any products – such as earphones and smartphones – that require realistic acoustic human-like testing.

  • Mouth Simulator Type 4227

    TYPEN 4227 und 4227-A


    Mundsimulator für die Prüfung von Mikrofonen in Telefonhörern, Smart Speakern und anderen Mikrofonen, bei denen ein Schallfeld erforderlich ist, das dem der menschlichen Stimme ähnelt.

  • Wideband ear simulator for telephonometry

    TYPE 4195

    Ear Simulator for Telephonometry (ITU-T Type 3.2 coupler)

    Wideband ear simulator designed for measurements on handset telephones where realistic acoustical loads are needed.

  • 2 cc click-on coupler Type 4946

    TYPE 4946

    2 cc click-on coupler

    Designed for measurements on all types of hearing aids and is optimized for repetitive use in the laboratory and on the production line. It fulfils the requirements of the ANSI S3.7 (2008) and IEC 60318-5 (2006) standards.

  • Artificial mastoid Type 4930

    TYPE 4930

    Artificial Mastoid

    Artificial Mastoid designed for the calibration of bone-conduction hearing aids by simulating the mechanical impedance of the human mastoid.

  • Artificial ear Type 4152

    TYPE 4152

    Artificial Ear with 6cc coupler

    Designed for electroacoustical measurements on insert earphones and headphones to be carried out under well defined acoustical conditions.

  • Artificial ear - Type 4157

    TYPE 4157

    Ear Simulator (IEC 60318-4 Coupler)

    Ear Simulator Type 4157 with microphone and preamplifier is designed for measurements on earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts such as tubes or ear moulds or eartips

  • Wideband Ear Simulator

    Type 4987

    Wideband Ear Simulator family

    A range of ear simulators designed for realistic and comparable quality control testing of earphones, ear buds, smartphones and headsets on high-volume production lines.

  • Ear simulator for telephonometry

    TYPE 4185

    Ear Simulator for Telephonometry (ITU-T Type 1 coupler)

    Designed for measurements on handset telephones requiring an IEC 60318-1 coupler, including handsets with high impedance earpiece where sealed conditions are required.

  • Artificial Ear Type 4153

    TYP 4153

    Künstliches Ohr mit akustischem Kuppler gemäß IEC

    Das künstliche Ohr mit akustischem Kuppler gemäß IEC wurde entwickelt, um elektroakustische Messungen an Einsteck-Ohrhörern und Kopfhörern unter genau definierten akustischen Bedingungen zu ermöglichen. Erfüllt die Anforderungen der IEC 60318-1 und verfügt über eine akustische Impedanz, die der des menschlichen Ohrs ähnelt.