Sound Sources And Amplifiers

A sound source that fulfills the standards for building acoustic measurements is required for professional use. Brüel & Kjær offers a complete range of sound sources for room and building acoustics, including our Tapping Machine, and 12-speaker omnidirectional OmniPower™ Sound Source. The sound sources are ideal with our range of Power Amplifiers and provide a flexible setup for any acoustic task with features such as wireless signal transmission for unhindered measurement range and flexibility.

  • Power Amplifier Type 2734

    Type 2734

    Power Amplifier for building and room acoustics

    A power amplifier designed to power sound sources in building and room acoustic field measurements.

  • measurement Amplifier Type 2735

    Type 2735

    Measurement Power Amplifier

    A compact, highperformance, 2 × 35 W power amplifier designed for electroacoustic and general-purpose applications.

  • Tapping Machine Type 3207

    Typ 3207


    Das Normhammerwerk Typ 3207 ist eine national und international genormte Schallquelle zur Bestimmung von Trittschalldämmungen.

  • Reference Sound Source Type 4204

    TYP 4204

    Reference Sound Source

    Die Bzugsschallquelle Typ 4204 - Reference Sound Source - ist für die Messung der Raum- und Gebäudeakustik optimiert. Auch im Bereich der Bauakustik kann die Schallquelle zur Bestimmung von Schallabsorptionen und Schalldämmungen eingesetzt werden.

  • OmniPower Sound Source

    Typ 4292-L


    OmniPower-Schallquelle ist ein Lautsprecher in einer Dodekaeder-Anordnung für Schalldämmungs- und raumakustische Messungen.

  • Echo Speech Source Type 4720

    Type 4720

    Echo Speech Source

    Echo Speech Source quickly and easily performs speech intelligibility measurements in accordance with IEC 60268-16.