Type 3670

Production Test USB DAQ

Designed to be used with CCLD measurement transducers, that digitizes and streams data through a USB interface to computers running either macOS® or Windows® operating systems.


Type 3670 is a data acquisition system, specifically designed to be used with CCLD measurement transducers, that digitizes and streams data through a USB interface to computers running either macOS® or Windows® operating systems.

Designed for use in production environments, Type 3670 features a robust, tamper-free and noiseless system.

Input channels provide direct conditioning for the transducers, are synchronized, and support sampling frequencies up to
96 kHz. This provides a useable analogue input frequency range of 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

Output channels are synchronized and DC-coupled with a frequency range from DC to 40 kHz. The output channels are designed to be able to drive low-impedance loads such as small speakers, headphones, etc. 


  • Real-time, multichannel sound and vibration data acquisition
  • CCLD power supply for transducers
  • Audio and vibration quality control (QC) for outgoing modules with rigid or flexible printed circuitry
  • Final assembly, test and pack (FATP) stations for finished products


Type 3670 is designed with integration simplicity in mind. It connects to a host computer via a USB 2.0 interface and appears to the operating system as a multichannel audio device through an ASIO* driver on Windows systems and CoreAudio on macOS making it compatible with the HBK Electroacoustic Engine software**, numerous third-party acquisition and analysis applications, or user-defined applications.

The built-in switchable CCLD powering removes the need for external conditioning, simplifying the setup in production test stations.

The instrument-quality design of Type 3670 provides exceptional accuracy and fidelity for all acquired or generated signals. The 110 dB dynamic range allows resolution of signals that differ in amplitude by a ratio of one million to one.

Type 3670 has an embedded microcontroller with built-in 24-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) for the input channels and built-in 24-bit digital-to-analogue converters (DAC) for the output channels. The microcontroller performs all the necessary housekeeping of the ADC, DAC and industry-standard USB 2.0 interface, freeing the host PC to give maximum responsiveness for your application.

All input channels have both analogue and digital filters, providing complete alias protection and ensuring full data integrity. They have a single voltage range from 5 μV to 5 V peak that, when combined with the 24-bit resolution, provides the extremely low noise floor often required for acoustic measurements.

Moreover, the range supports the full portfolio of Brüel & Kjær CCLD transducers making multiple input ranges unnecessary. This simplifies set up and avoids overload and under-range errors when measuring. The output channel amplifiers are DC coupled and have a very low output impedance, allowing them to directly drive up to 150 mW into low-impedance loads such as mini-speakers and headphones.


  • Instrumentation-grade acquisition system
  • Analogue input and output channels
  • 24-bit ADC and DAC
  • 150 mW output channels
  • Streaming via CoreAudio for macOS or audio stream input/output (ASIO®*) for Windows
  • Turnkey acquisition and analysis software available with the Electroacoustic Engine option
  • Wide frequency bandwidth
  • Single input voltage range covering full dynamic range
  • Information-only front panel
  • No controls on rear panel
  • Internal CCLD switch (on/off) on each input channel via individual DIP switches
  • Rugged and light
  • IP 50 – dust protected
  • Silent operation (convective cooling)


The EA Engine software provides a turnkey acquisition and analysis software package that provides automated testing using Step Sine, Swept Sine, Random or Arbitrary Waveform excitation, together with Input, Output and Equalisation calibration using a single command and can be driven from a text file or through the software API. 

The license is contained within the Type 3670 hardware allowing the software to be installed on any number of computers and automatically functioning when attached to a licensed Type 3670.

Full details of the EA Engine’s capabilities can be found here.

* ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

**The Electroacoustic Engine is available as an optional license on the ‘R’ version of Type 3670.