B&K Type 2250-W

Single-Channel Vibration Meter / Vibration Analyzer

Type 2250-W is a single-channel vibration meter and vibration analyzer designed for basic and advanced vibration measurement and analysis. The measuring instrument also doubles as a replacement sound level meter, using your existing preamplifier and microphone.

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Type 2250-W is a compact and rugged hand-held vibration meter and vibration analyzer. The measuring instrument comes with apps for basic vibration measurement of level and crest factor.

More advanced measurement features such as vibration source identification, machine analysis and diagnostics, and quality testing and inspection requires additional application software. Enhanced Vibration and Low Frequency Option BZ-7234 expands these features and enabels velocity and displacement measurement.

You can use this vibration meter as a replacement sound level meter (SLM) with the addition of a preamplifier and microphone. The specialized sound level meter apps allows you to conduct building acoustics, FFT analysis, tone assessment, noise source identification, sound intensity and vibration measurements.


  • Vibration level checks
  • Crest factor measurements

Advanced Vibration Meter Features:

The advanced features require Enhanced Vibration and Low Frequency Option BZ-7234 and an appropriate accelerometer:

  • Quality testing and inspection
  • Product development
  • Machinery analysis and troubleshooting
  • Building vibration
  • Low-frequency building vibration measurements according to ISO 8041:2005 and DIN standards
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)


The basic applications package includes:


In addition to using this instrument as a vibration meter, it is possible to repurpose it as a Class 1 sound level meter by adding an appropriate preamplifier and microphone. The built-in flexibility of the instrument allows you to add applications and other hardware to expand the capabilities beyond the range of the standard applications. This includes occupational health and safety (OHS), building acoustics and reverberation time applications, infrasound (G-weighting) measurements, product development and quality control - even sound power and intensity and noise source identification sound level meter apps can be installed.