TYPE 3599

Sound Intensity Probe Kit

Designed to be used with Brüel & Kjær’s range of sound intensity analyzers for sound intensity measurements.

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Type 3599 is a two-microphone probe kit for measuring sound intensity. Specially designed for use with Brüel & Kjær’s range of sound intensity analyzers.

The sound intensity probe kit includes Remote Control Unit
ZH-0632 and ½-inch Sound Intensity Microphone Pair Type 4197 enabling 1/3-octave centre frequency measurements between 20 Hz and 6.3 kHz. The upper 1/3-octave centre frequency to 10 kHz can be extended using pressure correction.


  • Sound intensity measurements using the two-microphone technique in accordance with IEC 1043 Class 1
  • Sound power measurements in accordance with ISO 9614 – 1, ISO 9614 – 2, ECMA 160, and ANSI S 12 – 12
  • Sound intensity mapping

Used with 1/2-inch Microphone Pair Type 4197, the probe complies with IEC 1043 Class 1. The two 1/2" microphones feature patented phase-corrector units making precision low-frequency phase matching a practical possibility, leading to increased measurement range and accuracy.

The probe kit can be used with LAN-XI DAQ Module Type 3050-A and Frontpanel Type UA-2104-031.