Smartphone app improves vibration testing setup at Faurecia

Setting up for modal analysis is time consuming and can be a painstaking task. But with the Transducer Smart Setup app, automotive seating manufacturer, Faurecia, could drastically reduce the setup time and risk of human errors.

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Modal testing is necessary and the challenges are abundant. Setup errors and human input errors are not difficult to introduce and can make an already time-consuming task take even longer when the mistake must be found and fixed. A tool that can eliminate those errors and reduce the setup time would be a great benefit, as Faurecia can attest to.


When setting up for modal testing, Engineers and technicians need a way to reduce setup time and avoid introducing human errors, like orientation input errors and mixing up or mislabeling transducers


The Transducer Smart Setup app reads data matrix codes on transducers and seamlessly transfers the information to PULSE Reflex Measurement. This data transfer accomplishes two tasks. First it removes the possibility of mixing up or mislabeling transducers, and second, it removes the possibility for input errors. The app also provides instant access to specifications, documentation, and calibration data


The Transducer Smart Setup app’s process is simple and as automated as possible. This saves a significant amount of time and reduces the frustration of the setup procedure. And because of the automation, data entry errors are minimized and human error is eliminated.