Directional response testing software

PULSE software for evaluating the response produced by loudspeakers in all directions.


This PULSE software measures the output of a speaker in all directions and determines the directivity of the speaker’s sound. It presents the results as a polar plot, showing the acoustic levels and frequency response in a circular graph with the speaker in the middle. It also controls a turntable used in order to precisely turn the speaker.

This software adds directional capabilities to PULSE Basic Electroacoustics Type 7797. It can work together with a Brüel & Kjær turntable system, which it also controls. This hardware turns the speaker at precise intervals, so the fixed microphones can build a complete picture of the speaker’s response in 360 degrees. The software also supports manual measurements at different angles.


  • Audio engineers researching, measuring and documenting acoustical designs during development, pre-qualification and manufacturing
  • Benchmarking the acoustical performance of electroacoustic transducers such as loudspeakers and hydrophones 
  • Evaluating acoustical accuracy of hydrophones, microphones and loudspeakers


This software requires PULSE Basic Electroacoustics Type 7797.


Our software package PULSE Electroacoustics Type 7907-S1 gives you a complete toolbox for testing. It includes this electroacoustic directional response testing software as standard. See the product data sheet for more information.