thiele small parameters calculator

PULSE software for calculating thiele small parameters based on measured impedance of a loudspeaker or a receiver.


This PULSE software calculates thiele small parameters – a set of electromechanical parameters that define the performance of a loudspeaker such as a tweeter, mid-range, or sub-woofer, in relation to its enclosure. All relevant thiele small parameters are automatically calculated.

The software adds thiele small parameters calculation capabilities to PULSE Basic Electroacoustics Type 7797, and supports the simple impedance method, the added volume method, the added mass method, and the laser method.


  • Loudspeaker design engineers simulating diaphragm movement and sound output of a speaker system, based on the speaker driver
  • Audio engineers working backwards from a desired speaker response in the speaker cabinet, to a set of driver parameters
  • Avoiding exciting the structural resonances of acoustic enclosures


  • Calculating the free-air resonant frequency of a speaker (FS)
  • Calculating voice coil inductance (LE) 
  • Measurements related to the control of a transducer’s suspension – Q parameters (Qms), (Qes) and (Qts)
  • Calculating Vas, CMS, MMS, EBP


This software requires PULSE Basic Electroacoustics Type 7797.


Our software package PULSE Electroacoustics Type 7907-S1 gives you a complete toolbox for testing. It includes this Thiele/Small parameters calculation software as standard. See the product data sheet for more information.