Inductive Centring Systems

Shaker Testing with Inductive Centring Systems

Despite all circumstances, it is vital that shaker systems are reliable, always ready to use and deliver precise testing results. That’s where the shaker's armature positioning and control sensors play an important role.

Learn more about improving shaker vibration testing with Inductive Centring Systems in our recorded webinar and discover more about the following topics:

  • Current types of sensor technology for armature guidance
  • The fundamentals of an Inductive Centring System
  • Benefits when working with an Inductive Centring System

Webinar presenter 


Has an Bachelor of Science with Honours in Engineering Design. He joined Brüel & Kjær in 2016 (based in Royston, UK) and is our Product Manager for Shakers & Amplifiers and Shaker Systems.

E-mail: [email protected]
Download presentation: Shaker Testing with Inductive Centring System