TYPE 3056

4-Ch. Input/Hs-Tacho + 8-Ch. Aux. Module

A combination of low frequency auxiliary channels and dynamic inputs which supports high speed tacho signals.

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Auxiliary input module Type 3056-A-040 is aimed at applications where you need to monitor low-frequency voltage signals along with the sound and vibration signals.

The module offers a combination of four 51.2 kHz input channels with eight simultaneously sampled low-frequency auxiliary channels.

Unique to Type 3056 is the support of high-speed tacho signals on input channel 1-4* which enables the user to record signals needed to perform angle domain analysis using PULSE Reflex Angle Domain Analysis Type 8740.


  • General sound and vibration measurements
  • Angle domain analysis
  • Record and monitor low frequency Auxiliary data along with sound and vibration data
  • Pass/fail monitoring, on/off control, etc.
  • Engine test cells
  • QC tests
  • Measurement front-end module for PULSE measurement and analysis software
  • Front-end for PC-based Data Recorder Type 7708
  • Single module measurements
  • Multi module measurement/ distributed system
  • Stand-alone recording (no PC) using LAN-XI Notar (Aux and HS tacho signals not supported by Notar)
  • Wireless frontend for Sonoscout

The module offers a combination of 4 x 51.2 kHz input channels with eight simultaneously sampled low frequency auxiliary channels.

Type 3056 features four DC outputs which can be controlled as a function of tolerance curves result and level meter results. This is used for simple On/Off control of 3rd party equipment in production test Pass/Fail, etc.

The interchangeable front panels give the flexibility to be used in conjunction with a wide range of transducers. The module works equally well both as a single module system or as part of a large LAN-XI measurement system, making it one of the most flexible data acquisitions modules available on the market.

*Full support of HS tacho inputs requires PULSE LabShop 17.0 or later.