Type 2721

1250 VA Power Amplifier

With a maximum output capacity of 1250 VA, this powerful amplifier is used to drive our larger modal exciters and small shakers.

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Power Amplifier Type 2721 has been designed specifically to drive our Modal Exciter Types 4826, 4827 and 4828; however, this amplifier can also be used with other units as it features an adjustable RMS output-current limit.


  • Safely driving Modal Exciter Types 4826, 4827 and 4828, to their full ratings
  • Driving any modal or vibration exciter that requires a 1250 VA power amplifier
  • Powering DC Static Centering Unit Type 1056 and Field Power Supply Type 2830 when used with Modal Exciter Types 4827 and 4828


At full capacity, this amplifier has a usable frequency range from 40 Hz to 10 kHz (or from DC to 50 kHz, at reduced capacity).

Type 2721 incorporates various built-in warning and safety circuits with light-up indicators, to protect both the test article and the system.

A multifunction, LCD display allows precise control and monitoring of the unit during operation, showing current and voltage outputs and modes. LED signals indicate the amplifier’s status and alert you in case of distortion and temperature and current overloads.

Further protection is provided by an interlock relay that disconnects the input if the operator switches between voltage mode and current mode during operation.

The Type 2721 amplifier can be used as a voltage generator with low output impedance and a flat voltage frequency response, or as a current generator with high output impedance and flat current frequency response.