Type 2755

Smart Power Amplifier

A powerful, compact, and lightweight power amplifier with an integrated signal generator and wireless remote-control capabilities. HBK 2755 is ideally suited for room and building acoustics measurements, as well as source path contribution (SPC) measurements driving HBK’s sound sources


HBK 2755 Smart Power Amplifier is designed specifically for architectural acoustics and SPC measurements. Its powerful signal generator is preloaded with signals optimized for HBK sound sources for a range of applications and frequency spans. Compact, lightweight, and robust, it is easy to transport to any measurement location.

HBK 2755 can be operated manually with the gain and signal generator controls on the front panel, or remotely controlled over Wi-Fi®. All connectors and controls are on the front for easy access, and the gain setting is clearly visible on the integrated display. For flexibility, the amplifier has XLR, jack and BNC input sockets.

When used for sound insulation measurements, the Building Acoustics Partner mobile app for the HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter automatically configures and controls HBK 2755, ensuring the optimal settings are used for every measurement. 

For advanced room acoustics measurements, HBK 2755 can be directly connected to a PC running DIRAC Room Acoustics Software Type 7841 via USB, or even operated asynchronously with stimuli played from HBK 2755’s integrated signal generator.

 Front and side view of smart amplifier


  • Part of a complete building acoustics system featuring HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter 
  • High-power output, delivering up to 500 W into 4 Ω in bridged mode 
  • Single- or dual-channel output with optional splitter cable 
  • Lightweight and highly portable for field use, weighing only 2.2 kg (4.9 lb) 
  • Powerful signal generator with preloaded signals optimized for specific applications 
  • Power compression compensation, enabling extremely stable acoustical power output over long periods of continuous operation 
  • Wireless remote control with HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter and Building Acoustics Partner, or HBK 2755’s integrated web server (Wi-Fi® enabled versions only) 
  • Can operate as a universal USB audio device, accepting direct connection to phantom-powered or CCLD microphones and loudspeakers 
  • Accurate, digitally controlled gain setting with 0.5 dB resolution

HBK 2755 Smart Power Amplifier is available in two versions:

  • HBK 2755: Includes Wi-Fi®, allowing you to configure and control the amplifier from a PC or mobile device when needed 
  • HBK 2755-A: Does not include Wi-Fi® and is only operated by controls on the front panel