FFT analyzer App

FFT analyzer transforms your Type 2250 and Type 2270 sound level meter into a hand-held FFT analyzer (Fast Fourier Transform).

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The application’s algorithm uses a measurement technique that gives narrow-band filtering using post-processing of a digital time record. FFT analysis is carried out in real-time.

When used in conjunction with the Tone Assessment option on your Type 2250-S and Type 2270-S sound level meter, the application enables objective tone assessment in the field.


  • FFT analysis of sound or vibration
  • Machinery troubleshooting
  • Product development
  • Quality control

With up to 6400 FFT lines, you can take measurements with both a wide frequency range and high resolution. The application provides many utilities that enhance your FFT measurements, such as auto peak finding, max hold spectrum or comparing a spectrum to a custom selected reference spectrum.

The high-resolution touchscreen allows you to easily step through the spectrum as well as zoom in and out. Delta, harmonic and other cursors quickly reveal the spectra’s properties and let you carry out complex analysis on the go.

Use narrow-band analysis to identify forcing functions and resonances, as well as to help set standards for your next-generation product. Use a reference spectrum to compare measurements between design iterations.

For production testing, define comprehensive pass-fail criteria using up to ten tolerance windows, with each criterion based on the individual FFT lines or their sum. Once set up, a simple pass-fail message at the DC output allows it to be part of a smart, streamlined production test system.


  • Spans from 100 Hz to 20 kHz in a traditional 1-2-5 sequence
  • Building vibration analysis
  • Automotive component analysis
  • Zoom analysis display capabilities
  • Resolution down to 16 mHz
  • Frequency correction for high precision
  • Reference spectrum display
  • A-, C- and Z-weighting in pre-processing
  • A- and Z-weighting in post-processing
  • Transient and continuous signals
  • Linear and exponential averaging
  • Internal and external trigger
  • Tachometer function
  • Measurements in SI (metric) and UK/US units
  • Unit scaling (RMS, Pwr, PSD, ESD, Peak, P-P)


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