Inddor pas-by test with car

Indoor Pass-by Testing

Indoor pass-by is commonly used in development engineering and detecting noise source contributions.

BK Connect Indoor Pass-by provides a tool for simulating field pass-by performance for a vehicle running on a chassis dynamometer in a hemi-anechoic test chamber according to a range of international standards. 

Measuring a vehicle’s interior and exterior noise during operation is far simpler in such a chamber. Eliminating variables such as weather and site variations makes measurements more reproducible, while the stationary vehicle allows more instrumentation.  

Simulation of pass-by noise is achieved by placing a row of microphones each side of the test vehicle to represent the relative positions of the standard pass-by microphones during a conventional outdoor test. The vehicle is driven on the chassis dynamometer in the same way as in the standard test.


System Suggestion

Vehicle indoor pass-by system overview

A typical Indoor Pass-by system is based on the BK Connect data acquisition and analysis platform. The software is combined with LAN‐XI data acquisition hardware (including frame, modules, and front panels), and free-field microphones.

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Pass-by SPC gives further possibilities for identifying the major contributions of exterior noise corresponding to the specific sound sources; for example, powertrain, intake/exhaust system and tyres.