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Updated product structure: what it means to you

With the launch of our new sound and vibration software platform, BK ConnectTM, we have decided to update our general product structure to fit your specific requirements.

The new product structure has been designed to address our most common customer use scenarios, providing a more granular structure that is optimized to fit with your specific requirements. Each module in the product structure has a definable functionality equating to clear value. As a customer, you will find the product structure to be straightforward and flexible, allowing you to adjust your licences as and when your needs change.

BK Connect product structure

No impact on what you can do today

The changes in the product structure do not impact what you can do with your current system and only enhances what you get from your software maintenance contract today. Depending on your configuration, some of your PULSE™ LabShop/Reflex licences might be included in the BK Connect licences. This means that with a valid contract you have access to both PULSE LabShop/Reflex and corresponding functionality in the new BK Connect platform. Next time you renew your maintenance contract, the product items will be updated to reflect the BK Connect product structure and will look different, but you can rest assured that your capabilities are unchanged, and you can continue to work as you do today, in the systems that you use today.

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No more channel limitations in the software

To support all customer scenarios in the best possible way, Brüel & Kjær has decided, as a bonus, to remove all channel count restrictions. This means that customers with a valid maintenance contract no longer have channel limitations in the software when working with PULSE LabShop/Reflex or the new BK Connect software platforms.

What happens now?

You will see the new product structure next time your maintenance contract is up for renewal or if you enter our licence and delivery portal to download a new software version and your licence. Many of the product numbers in your maintenance contract will be replaced with new type numbers related to the BK Connect platform structure. While they look different and are categorized a bit differently, they give you access to what you had before – and more.

Your local Brüel & Kjær sales or application engineer and our customer care team are ready to answer all your questions regarding this new product structure and its impact on your maintenance contract. Please do not hesitate to contact them for assistance.