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Customized training - On-site

Customized training using your equipment, installation, and test objects shortens the learning curve and therefore increases the return on your investment

For some companies, it is more effective to get training that has been tailored to meet their specific needs and business objectives. Using your equipment, installation, and test objects shortens the learning curve  and increases the return on your investment. It ensures that your people learn the specific methods, instrumentation, and data-processing tools necessary to meet the business needs that drove your investment decisions in the first place.

Tailored content

Through customized courses, a group of engineers and/or technicians are trained at your facility. In a response to COVID-19, we are now offering these customized trainings virtually. The training agenda focuses on the knowledge and experience of the attendees, the application needs, and your overall goals. This gives you the advantage of learning in your specific context, and the benefits of minimal travel time and costs.

Our skilled application engineers and certified partners conduct customized training. They are highly experienced and have a deep knowledge across a wide range of applications and insight that can be applied to your specific situation.

We invite you to contact your local sales office to discuss your specific virtual training needs.

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