Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulation technology is now part of


VSound delivers exceptionally high‐quality audio signals – from complete engine sounds to simple looped sounds – using similar audio algorithms as the Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulator.

Easy interaction between VSound and the NVH Simulator’s Desktop Simulator (DTS) and Exterior Sound Simulator (ESS), allow engineers to design and evaluate interior and exterior vehicle sounds for vehicles of any configuration.


  • Development of appropriate interior and exterior sounds for electric and other quiet vehicles
  • Evaluation of any potential interior or exterior vehicle sound design in the real world:
  • Back‐to‐back NVH comparison of benchmark vehicles in one vehicle
  • Presentation of exterior sounds of differing complexities to define production hardware requirements
  • Design of discrete sources on an IC vehicle to create distinctive exterior sound quality

VSound uses vehicle parameters such as throttle, rpm and speed from the CAN‐bus system, enabling the user to switch between a series of predefined vehicle sound profiles.