Modal Shakers and Exciters

Our modal shakers and exciters are engineered with high-performance and simple user setup in mind, offering an uncompromising balance between modal test performance and ease-of-integration. Featuring high force-to-weight ratios, our modal shakers are developed to ensure the best possible modal testing. Get in touch with our experts if you have any doubts about choosing the right exciter for your application.

  • DC Static Centering Unit Type 1056

    Type 1056

    DC Static Centering Unit

    Designed to work as part of a system with our modal exciters and matching amplifiers, this unit enhances operation by correcting the position of the exciter’s armature or by applying pre-tensioning force to tension- or piano-wire stingers.

  • Modal Exciter Type 4828

    Types 4827 and 4828

    High-Force Modal Exciter

    Designed for demanding, experimental modal testing and delivering a force ratings up to 650 N (146 lbf) for Type 4827 and 1000 N (225 lbf) for Type 4828. These exciters enable high-precision, single- and multiple-point excitation of extra-large devices (such as locomotives, industrial turbines, heavy-duty pumps or aerospace assemblies).

  • Modal Exciter Type 4824

    Type 4824

    Lightweight Modal Exciter

    A compact and lightweight modal exciter with a force rating of 100 N (22 lbf), Type 4824 is ideal for high-precision, single- or multi-point excitation of a range of payloads, from automotive powertrain and drivetrain components to large and very large structures.

  • Modal Exciter Type 4825

    Types 4825 and 4826

    Modal Exciter

    With force ratings up to 200 N (45 lbf) for Type 4825 and 400 N (90 lbf) for Type 4826, these exciters are ideal where payloads require high-precision excitation in single- or multi-point setups. Strong and versatile, they are used for a variety of applications, such as testing of engines, body-in-white on passenger cars and small trucks, and aerospace structures.