Training, seminars and webinars 

Sometimes an instruction manual just isn’t enough. To secure accurate measurements and proper interpretation of your data, Brüel & Kjær offers a comprehensive range of courses, webinars, and seminars including customized training, tailored to your needs.

Learn at your convenience

Our training is tailored for engineers, technicians, and designers new to the field of sound and vibration, as well as seasoned specialists. The courses shorten the learning curve using the latest technology, methodology, and applications in your field of study. 

In addition, we provide training in almost every language, location, and at your convenience. With 1:1 customized training, or with our comprehensive online training and webinars, you can train in your office or in your home, or simply download and watch the recorded session later.

  • Online Training

    Online training gives you the flexibility to learn new software and instruments in a virtual learning environment. Learn from any location in the world - provided there's internet access and a headset.

  • On-Site Customized Training

    On-Site customized training using your equipment, installation, and test objects. Designed to shorten the learning curve and increase your return on your investment.

  • Trade Shows & Conferences

    Meet us all year round at various trade fairs, congresses and conferences and talk to our experts.

  • Training Courses

    Our global educational programme offers courses and training that cover theory, applications, and instrumentation. Here is the training course schedule.

  • Webinars

    Webinars are for everyone who wants to learn without attending an in-person course or seminar. The webinars are offered free of charge - and provide an introduction to advanced sound and vibration training online.

  • HBK Expert Talk

    HBK Expert Talk is the science talk show around questions often asked by industry professionals engaged in test and measurement. Find your answer from our growing collection of episodes!