Modal measurement and analysis SOFTWARE

Modular software for modal measurement and analysis. The software can be used individually, or in conjunction with other software adapting for creating tailored workflows across different user-roles in your project.

  • BK Connect Geometry Type 8410


    Geometry Creation, Testing and Analysis Software

    BK Connect Geometry is a powerful tool for test geometry creation, geometry-guided structural setup and measurements, testing and finite element analysis (FEA) result animation. Includes powerful features for test planning, benefiting both test engineers and analysts.

  • BK Connect Structural Measurements - Hammer and Shaker - Type 8411


    Structural Measurements – Hammer and Shaker

    Intuitive software for geometry-guided real-time hammer and shaker measurements used for classical modal analysis.

  • BK Connect Advanced Sine Measurements Type 8412

    TYPE 8412 | BK CONNECT 

    Advanced Sine Measurement Software

    Advanced Sine Software for real-time measurements of frequency response functions (FRFs) using stepped sine excitation for linearity studies and classical modal analysis.

  • BK Connect Modal Analysis Type 8420


    Modal Analysis Software

    Provides powerful tools for creating geometries and a comprehensive set of analysis and validation tools for single-reference modal analysis.

  • Mode Selection in Modal Analysis


    Advanced Modal Analysis

    Advanced Modal Analysis software for creating geometries and a comprehensive set of analysis and validation tools for polyreference modal analysis.

  • Operational modal analysis type 8761 - Typical screen layout showing the GUI with Setup, Analysis and Report task groups

    PULSE TYPE 8760 + 8762

    Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Software

    Operational modal analysis software for post-measurement modal analysis of structures under operating conditions without artificially exciting the structure.

  • Structural health monitoring

    BZ-8550 - BZ-8554

    Structural Health Monitoring

    Structures degrade over time due to usage, harsh environmental conditions and accidental events. Performing long-term, continuous structural health monitoring makes it possible to monitor a structure’s state and carry out condition-based maintenance to ensure structural integrity.

  • BK Connect Advanced Modal Analysis Type 8420-A


    Correlation Analysis Software

    Correlation Analysis Software for correlating two modal models, typically consisting of a finite element model and a test model.

Reaching Beyond Borders

Operational modal analysis (OMA) knows no boundaries, physical or intellectual, and offers a tremendous opportunity to explore new applications of the technology. That’s why researchers, practicing engineers and technicians, students, equipment manufacturers and software developers will once again gather at the International Operational Modal Analysis Conference in July 2022 in Vancouver to share knowledge, and present new research and advances in the applicability of OMA in various fields. 

As one of the three founding members together with Structural Vibration Solutions and Aalborg University, Denmark, HBK will also be back not only with a booth and various presentations but also a two-day pre-conference workshop on OMA.

Would you also like to be there in 2022 and submit a contribution? The deadline for your abstract submission is January 31, 2022. We look forward to seeing you!

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