DAQ Analyzers

DAQ analyzers and recording systems

Analyzer systems and data recorder solutions range from simple, single-channel, hand-held analyzers to large, multichannel DAQ systems, these solutions are built on knowledge and innovation and meet the exacting measurement, and analysis demands of our customers. From ad hoc troubleshooting to targeted performance optimization, these analyzer systems support a range of applications from telephone testing and scaled model wind tunnel testing.

  • Type 3670 front

    Type 3670

    Production Test USB DAQ

    Designed to be used with CCLD measurement transducers, that digitizes and streams data through a USB interface to computers running either macOS® or Windows® operating systems.

  • LAN-XI Notar


    LAN-XI Notar

    A rugged and robust hardware system for recording raw time data to an SDHC memory card independently of a PC or tablet.

  • Sonoscout - iPad-based data recorder for NVH

    Type 3663

    Sonoscout - iPad-Based Data Recorder

    Iintuitive and portable iPad-based system, Sonoscout, records noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) data, including CAN data, and analyzes results immediately on the tablet.

  • BK Connect Acoustic Camera Type 9712-W-FEN

    BK Connect Type 9712-W-FEN

    Acoustic Camera Software

    BK Connect Acoustic Camera works with BK Connect software enabling easy, real-time noise source location and mapping. View transient sound sources on-site, or record and save video for subsequent analysis on stationary and moving objects.

  • Gun noise

    Impulse Noise Evaluation System

    Impulse Noise Evaluation System

    This complete solution simplifies your job of measuring impulse noise, providing all the hardware and software required in one easy to use package and a simple setup procedure and workflow.