Instruments and Analyzers

Our handheld instruments, vibration shakers and DAQ systems represent flexibility in all measurement tasks. Brüel & Kjær's sound and vibration instruments, data recorders, logging and monitoring systems provide quality, precision and ease of use, ensuring a high level of reliability and accuracy in all measurements.

Shaker armature


Brüel & Kjær Analyzer Solutions range from simple, single-channel, hand-held analyzers to large, advanced, multichannel DAQ systems. Our solutions for sound and vibration measurement are built on more than 75 years of experience, knowledge and innovation and meet the exacting measurement and analysis demands of our customers.

As a full-service supplier of transducers, instruments and software, we provide measurement solutions for your entire measurement chain. This allows in-depth analysis of measured data with BK Connect,  while providing integration to Sonoscout™, and with Open API for 3rd party software integration, you can customize your analyzer solution, to your needs.