DAQ - Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition (DAQ) SYstems 

From small, ready-to-go systems with low channel-counts up to large LAN-XI data acquisition systems with more than 1000 channels. Our data acquisition systems are highly scalable and modular, providing you ample power and flexibility for even the most demanding applications.

Our Data Acquisition Systems and DAQ Analyzer Systems come with pre-configured packages, including everything you need to get started: Hardware, software, and support. With the analyzer systems you can perform quick, in-field measurements and effortlessly transmit the data to an iPad® for vehicle noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) benchmarking.

Many of our analyzer systems use our modular LAN-XI DAQ modules and hardware. Using the same system framework enables you to combine separate systems and modules, and reconfigure your system as your needs. It also provides small, portable front-end modules, connecting directly to your computer, where you can connect modules in networks and distribute these around a large test object, like an aircraft, for ground vibration testing (GVT).